CGT 241 Introduction to 3D Animation


Course Introduction
This course introduces the knowledge base on which digital animation and spatial graphics technology are founded and developed. Emphasis will be placed on developing a working knowledge of the mechanics of 3D geometric formats, spline-based modeling with polygon mesh & NURBS, procedural mapping of raster images, simplified polygon modeling, rendering methods, hierarchical linking, and kinematic fundamentals.

Prerequisite: CGT 116 and CGT211
These are foundation courses and you must recieve a C or better to enter the BS Program.

Course Supervisor: Ray Hassan
Office: 345 - Knoy Hall of Technology
Office Hours: by appointment only

Course TA: Ivan Spalla
Office: TBD
Office Hours: TBD

Course Learning Outcomes

Suggested Text
The Art of Maya: An Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics
Autodesk Maya Press, 2007
ISBN 1-897177-47-X
-roughly $30 on 1/19/11
Supplements will be provided online throughout the semester



Take-Home Exam - 10%
Class Participation - 24%
Exercises - 24%
Project 1 - 12%
Final Project - 20%
Lab Practical - 10%
Total - 100%

A 100 - 90
B 89.9 - 80
C 79.9 - 70
D 69.9 - 60
F 59.9 - 0

Definitions of Grades

A       Outstanding achievement above that of expected course outcomes
B       Praiseworthy performance above that of expected course outcomes
C       Minimum performance expectation of expected course outcomes
D       Performance and knowledge not acceptable in the course
F       Failed course due to poor performance
Student Conduct and Policies
Attendance will be taken at all meeting times.
Campus Emergencies

In the event of a major campus emergency, course requirements, deadlines, and grading percentages are subject to changes that may be necessitated by a revised semester calendar or other circumstances. The following are ways to get information about changes in this course:

Students who have special needs, i.e. hearing or visually challenged, etc., or in need of tutoring, etc., may contact the Dean of Students Office located in Schleman Hall, Room 207, 494-1747 for further assistance.

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