CGT 241 Introduction to 3D Animation


Project 1- Environment Modeling

Draw the concept for your scene. This should be a perspective drawing with details showing the size and placement of all the objects in the scene. Choose an angle for the drawing that best suits a good camera placement for the scene. Do not choose an angle that hides all the difficult details. Render it in color, using Photoshop, another digital painting software, or the traditional medium of your choice (paint, markers, colored pencil, etc.)

Submit the drawing in Jpeg format (.jpeg) with resolution of 1200x900 labeled "P1_Concept_Lastname_Firstinitial.jpg". If using traditional media, either scan or phtotgraph the drawing for digital submission.

Model the scene. Unwrap the entire scene, and create or paint and apply materials that simulate the materials represented in the concept drawing. Light the scene to simulate the lighting represented in the concept drawing. Render a subtle camera animation of 90 frames at 800x600 resolution.

Submit the movie file in Quicktime (.mov) format labeled "".

Final Project - Production Planning

The final project for this course will be done in groups. Each group will present a production plan for an animation production. They will take into consideration the visual sytle of the production, technical requirements, budget, and audience appeal.